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Irregular teeth are not only unfavorable for esthetic reasons, but they also restrict the proper masticatory function.

Regular, straight aligned teeth make the everyday maintenance of the oral health easier, and help to prevent the development of gum diseases and temporomandibular problems. The orthodontic devices improve your smile and they have much more not so obvious beneficial effects. After the realignment of the teeth the efficiency of biting and chewing of the food improves, the speech becomes easier to understand and the chance of newly formed tooth decay decreases dramatically.


The beneficial effects of braces are not only exploitable during childhood, but there are also methods that enable the realignment of the teeth in adulthood. Nowadays we can observe a rising popularity for “having straight teeth” among the adults. It is also important to discuss that the orthodontic appliances and protocols vary depending on the age of the patient.

During childhood the use of removable appliances dominate. These appliances help to correct the functional and esthetical discrepancies in the still developing dentition.

Young adults and elderly patients usually wear fix appliances. This is necessary to achieve the desired improved outcome at the and of the treatment.


The main feature of the fixed appliances is that they remain attached to the teeth during the whole treatment. This provides the advantage to apply individually vectored forces to each tooth. The fixed appliances consist of brackets traditionally made of metal, but for patients with high esthetical expectations we can provide these made from ceramic or sapphire.


The use of an invisible appliance (Clear Aligner) is becoming more and more popular in the recent years. The Clear Aligner is a digitally designed appliance fabricated from a transparent material. Besides the “invisibility”, another advantage of the appliance is that it is not attached to the teeth, so it is easy to clean and it can be removed during the meals.